Farewell, Filippos Tsimpoglou

By: Daniel B. Wallace, CEO & Executive Director of CSNTM With sorrow today, we at CSNTM honor and remember Filippos Tsimpoglou, the late Director General of the National Library of Greece. From 2014 until his untimely death, he led the library through important projects. The CSNTM team worked closely with Filippos from 2014–2016 in aContinue reading Farewell, Filippos Tsimpoglou

Manuscripts 101: GA Numbers

Whether or not you self-identify as an “organized person,” every human uses organized systems to navigate life. Most stores arrange products by type, brand, use, or another relationship. Traffic laws and signs allow us to navigate without the danger or chaos that would ensue without them. Your own work desk and home involve some organizationContinue reading Manuscripts 101: GA Numbers

Celebrating Twenty Years of Digitally Preserving New Testament Manuscripts

When you find high-tech cameras, facsimiles, and cake in a banquet room, you know that CSNTM is celebrating with friends. The Center staff and many of our friends gathered on Saturday, September 10th for an early birthday party (our actual birthday was September 13th!). Guests gathered to reflect on two decades of digitally preserving NewContinue reading Celebrating Twenty Years of Digitally Preserving New Testament Manuscripts

CSNTM From 2002 to 2022

On September 13th, CSNTM will celebrate its twentieth year. The number of stories bound up in the time between CSNTM’s beginning and today could fill a novel—an interesting one at that. For now, we will reflect on some of the key moments on the journey from 2002 to the present day. Make plans to joinContinue reading CSNTM From 2002 to 2022

Why Digitize Manuscripts?

By: Daniel B. Wallace, PhD Dr. Wallace wrote “Why Digitize Manuscripts?” in 2018. We’re sharing it as a reminder of the importance of digital imaging of Greek New Testament manuscripts to their study and preservation. Since the time of the original post, CSNTM has obtained new digitization equipment and improved our processes. The improvements inContinue reading Why Digitize Manuscripts?

Expedition: Museum of the Bible

By: Mark Gaither At long last, as travel restrictions lift, CSNTM hits the road again! In mid-December 2021, a team traveled to Houston Baptist University, where the Dunham Bible Museum has an extensive collection of early printed Greek New Testaments. (Look for news and image uploads soon.) Then, in January, Dr. Wallace led a smallContinue reading Expedition: Museum of the Bible