The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts trains people at any interest level on topics related to manuscripts, digital preservation, and New Testament textual criticism.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a year-long internship at the Center. 

Scholars utilize manuscript images and collaborate with CSNTM on research projects. 

Anyone can learn about the field of New Testament textual criticism, manuscripts, and the work of CSNTM by taking advantage of our resources.


The Center trains the next generation of scholars by providing a rigorous internship program. Every year, 2–3 interns learn about the field of New Testament textual criticism under Dr. Wallace and our staff, hone their skills in working with Greek from New Testament manuscripts, and deepen their understanding of the importance of preserving ancient Christian scriptures. Select interns are invited to join CSNTM staff on expeditions to digitize manuscripts. Under Dr. Wallace, a large number of interns have gone on to pursue doctoral studies at prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Baylor, Birmingham, Yale, Exeter, and The Catholic University of America.

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CSNTM’s work is utilized by scholars around the world, and its images have become essential in understanding the text of the New Testament. The staff members also work to collaborate with scholars on various research projects in multiple disciplines such as textual criticism, art history, paleography and papyrology, medieval studies, etc. The Center, at times, provides training and consultation in digital preservation and standards.


 We believe that preserving and sharing Greek New Testament manuscripts extends beyond those with technical knowledge. Whether students desire to increase their experience or interested individuals wish to understand more about textual criticism and the New Testament, we have a helpful collection of resources available. See our resources page for videos, instructions, and links to other helpful tools.