September 2020 Digital Collection Additions

The CSNTM Online Digital Collection grows each month as new digital images of Greek New Testament manuscripts—housed in institutions all over the world—are added to our website. We are always striving to make our manuscript collection more convenient, comprehensive, and accessible. Because of this, we sometimes provide access to manuscripts that others have digitized. In these cases, the Center is permitted to either include these images in our collection or provide links to them on the holding institution’s website.

Since August, we have added the following manuscripts to our digital library:

GA 2374—Digital images of the minuscule from The Walters Art Museum.

GA Lect 2139—Digital images of the lectionary from Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks Museum Repository (Wahshington, D.C.).

GA Lect 2434—Digital images of the lectionary from the Rare & Special Books Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo.

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