Expedition Update: Summer 2023

CSNTM’s research team is ending out on an eventful Summer of expeditions and ongoing projects! Throughout their trips to Germany, New Orleans, and the United Kingdom, the CSNTM research team made extensive progress on several ongoing projects, which they will continue working on when they return to these locations. In addition to these advances, Dr.Continue reading Expedition Update: Summer 2023

Carrying on the Legacy

In the early years, CSNTM operations involved three to four people traveling for two to three weeks in the summer. The small group would visit a site with manuscripts to either examine or, after securing permission, photograph them. These expeditions relied on both, securing difficult-to-earn permission and raising the necessary funds for equipment and travel.Continue reading Carrying on the Legacy

Welcome, Denis Salgado!

We are thrilled to announce that Denis Salgado will soon join the CSNTM team as our new Digitial Collection Reasearch Fellow. Denis earned his Bachelor of Theology degree from Berean Baptist Seminary in Brazil, his Master of Divinity at Shepherds Theological Seminary in North Carolina, and will soon receive his PhD in New Testament andContinue reading Welcome, Denis Salgado!