A Special Selection of From the Library Posts for Easter

On Sunday, many will celebrate Easter, a long-observed holiday honored in many Greek New Testament manuscripts. The pages containing text narrating the cross and resurrection bear the wear of regular use. Images depicting the happenings of Holy Week make up many of the miniatures and icons in manuscripts. The calendar of lections revolves around Easter, the holiday that marks the beginning of the synaxarion readings, the first page of text in many New Testament lectionaries.

As Easter day draws near, we’d like to share with you all some CSNTM blog posts from the “From the Library” series that highlight manuscript details related to the holiday.

“Gospel Lectionaries and Easter” (2021) – Leigh Ann Hyde observes the readings for Easter Sunday in Gospel lectionary books pointing out how they reveal practices of those who read the passages centuries ago.

“Illuminations of the Passion Week” (2020) – Andrew J. Patton and Leigh Ann Hyde share a series of illustrations found in Greek New Testament manuscripts depicting the cross and resurrection. 

“Lectionary 1807” (2019) – Andrew K. Bobo and Andrew J. Patton examine the uniquely ornate covers for Lectionary 1807 which portrays scenes from Holy Week.

We hope that you enjoy reading (or re-reading) the posts. Happy Easter to all who are celebrating.

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