Expedition: Museum of the Bible

We are ready to get back to doing what we do: preserve New Testament manuscripts.

It’s been a very long eighteen months for everyone, and no less so for CSNTM.

We used the time wisely, however. During the pandemic shutdown, we carefully evaluated and improved our infrastructure, processes, equipment, and training. We wanted to be sure that when opportunities became available, we would be ready to go. And now that the world is beginning to open up again, we are excited to digitize ancient New Testament Greek manuscripts with renewed strength and even better quality.

Our first planned expedition is to Washington, DC at the Museum of the Bible, where we will use our state-of-the-art digital cameras and, for some documents, our Multispectral Imaging equipment.

But we’re not alone in our excitement. A generous donor is so excited about these new opportunities, he has agreed to match, dollar for dollar, all donations up to $50,000!

With your doubled gift today, you join a growing community of people who cherish truth and have put their good intentions into action. Your gift will bring clarity to modern translations of the New Testament and preserve the words of the apostles for today and for future generations.

Will you help with a generous gift? We want to access these manuscripts while the doors of opportunity remain open.


Mark W Gaither
Chief Operating Officer
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts