NT Fragments in Ann Arbor Photographed

In July, CSNTM sent two teams to photograph all the parchment and paper Greek New Testament manuscripts at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. UM boasts the largest collection of GNT MSS in North America. One out of six such MSS are housed at the university. UM allowed CSNTM to photograph all these MSS and post them on our site. It took a month of work, with more than 19,000 images shot. (Most of the manuscripts had not even been microfilmed.) As of August 6, 2008, CSNTM’s high-resolution digital images are now posted. We also took UV photographs of the palimpsests and illegible leaves. We are grateful to Dr. Peggy Daub, director of the Special Collections Library of the University of Michigan, for the permission to photograph and post these images.

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