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Digitization of GA 0197

CSNTM recently digitized manuscript 0197 using multispectral imaging. Read about this expedition on our blog.

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"Their professionalism, the quality of their work, and their state-of-the-art equipment were excellent."

- Vera Valitutto, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana

Preserving Ancient New Testament Manuscripts for a Modern World

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, under the umbrella of The Center for the Research of Early Christian Documents (CRECD), exists for the following purposes:

  1. To make digital photographs of extant Greek New Testament manuscripts so that such images can be preserved, duplicated without deterioration, and accessed by scholars doing textual research.

  2. To utilize developing technologies (OCR, MSI, etc.) to read these manuscripts and create exhaustive collations.

  3. To analyze individual scribal habits in order to better predict scribal tendencies in any given textual problem.

  4. To publish on various facets of New Testament textual criticism.

  5. To develop electronic tools for the examination and analysis of New Testament manuscripts.

  6. To cooperate with other institutes in the great and noble task of determining the wording of the autographa of the New Testament.

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The work already achieved by the Center is impressive and its future plans are viable and important.

- Professor J. K. Elliott, University of Leeds