CSNTM Expedition in Oxford

Dr. Wallace and a team of CSNTM staff and volunteers spent two weeks at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, UK in August examining New Testament manuscripts to prepare them for digitization. While on the trip, Dr. Wallace took some time to share about the exciting manuscripts that the team has encountered and the great benefitsContinue reading CSNTM Expedition in Oxford

CSNTM Snapshot in Houston

Thank you to everyone who attended our Snapshot event in Houston! The CSNTM team had a wonderful evening meeting each attendee, sharing our vision, presenting artifacts, and engaging in thoughtful conversations about our mission! We hope you enjoyed hearing from our team and connecting with the growing community of people who want to preserve theContinue reading CSNTM Snapshot in Houston

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace Contributes to New Publication of Papyrus with Early Sayings of Jesus

CSNTM Founder and C.E.O., Daniel B. Wallace, assists in dating of papyrus fragments, containing the oldest surviving text of the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospel of Thomas, to a time predating the canonization of the New Testament. Who, What, When, Where? An early papyrus containing texts from Matthew, Luke, and the Gospel ofContinue reading Dr. Daniel B. Wallace Contributes to New Publication of Papyrus with Early Sayings of Jesus

Ask the Prof: What is a Colophon?

CSNTM’s digital collections research fellow, Denis Salgado, answers the question, “What is a colophon?” in this installment of the Ask the Prof series. Colophons provide us with information giving us insight into the context of a particular document’s production. Denis shares what some of those details were, how researchers analyze them, and how these littleContinue reading Ask the Prof: What is a Colophon?

Meet the 2023–24 CSNTM Interns

Each year CSNTM invites 3–5 graduate students to intern at the Center who demonstrate a strong proficiency in working with the New Testament and have proven to be excellent students. These promising individuals participate in a year of challenging and enriching activities under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel B. Wallace and the CSNTM research staff.Continue reading Meet the 2023–24 CSNTM Interns

Expedition Update: Summer 2023

CSNTM’s research team is ending out on an eventful Summer of expeditions and ongoing projects! Throughout their trips to Germany, New Orleans, and the United Kingdom, the CSNTM research team made extensive progress on several ongoing projects, which they will continue working on when they return to these locations. In addition to these advances, Dr.Continue reading Expedition Update: Summer 2023