Digitizing in Twenty Colors

By: Laura Bandy Last month, CSNTM trained more of its staff on a device originally developed by NASA for satellite images—a camera that uses MSI. What our staff spent the better part of a week learning, we want to share with you (in an abbreviated form, of course).  What is MSI? MSI is multispectral imaging.Continue reading Digitizing in Twenty Colors

Understanding MSI Images

By Jacob W. Peterson and Leigh Ann Thompson This May CSNTM has had the opportunity to attend a digital archiving conference in Portugal and digitize in Germany. The images captured during the Beuron expedition are now available in our digital library. In the entry for GA 0197, we include a series of images captured by our MSI equipment thatContinue reading Understanding MSI Images

Manuscripts Digitized at Southern Methodist University

By: Jacob W. Peterson CSNTM rarely revisits a location where it has already digitized, but sometimes previously unforeseen factors make it an easy decision. Back in 2010, CSNTM traveled the whole fifteen miles down highway 75 in Dallas to the Bridwell Library on the campus of Southern Methodist University to digitize one of its manuscripts—Papyrus 26 from the early 7th century. ThisContinue reading Manuscripts Digitized at Southern Methodist University