Understanding MSI Images

By Jacob W. Peterson and Leigh Ann Thompson This May CSNTM has had the opportunity to attend a digital archiving conference in Portugal and digitize in Germany. The images captured during the Beuron expedition are now available in our digital library. In the entry for GA 0197, we include a series of images captured by our MSI equipment thatContinue reading Understanding MSI Images

Digitization of 0197

By: Stratton L. Ladewig, PhD Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Germany is the Erzabtei St. Martin zu Beuron, where a wonderful ninth-century palimpsest manuscript is housed. A palimpsest manuscript is one that has been erased and reused to record another text. The undertext—the text that was erased—in the manuscript is essentially unreadable to the naked eye.Continue reading Digitization of 0197