Dr. Daniel B. Wallace Contributes to New Publication of Papyrus with Early Sayings of Jesus

CSNTM Founder and C.E.O., Daniel B. Wallace, assists in dating of papyrus fragments, containing the oldest surviving text of the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospel of Thomas, to a time predating the canonization of the New Testament. Who, What, When, Where? An early papyrus containing texts from Matthew, Luke, and the Gospel ofContinue reading Dr. Daniel B. Wallace Contributes to New Publication of Papyrus with Early Sayings of Jesus

Expedition Update: Summer 2023

CSNTM’s research team is ending out on an eventful Summer of expeditions and ongoing projects! Throughout their trips to Germany, New Orleans, and the United Kingdom, the CSNTM research team made extensive progress on several ongoing projects, which they will continue working on when they return to these locations. In addition to these advances, Dr.Continue reading Expedition Update: Summer 2023

The Manuscript Detective

The Fall 2022 edition of the award-winning DTS Magazine featured our founder and CEO, Dr. Dan Wallace, who will soon retire as Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. He will continue his involvement with the school, but plans to devote all of his energies to CSNTM as early as JulyContinue reading The Manuscript Detective

Meet the 2022–23 Interns

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts welcomes its newest intern cohort! This new group of talented graduate students will undergo rigorous training in the field of New Testament textual criticism through reading seminars, text critical assignments, and personal research assignments. They will also have the opportunity to develop their academic interests andContinue reading Meet the 2022–23 Interns

Welcome, Denis Salgado!

We are thrilled to announce that Denis Salgado will soon join the CSNTM team as our new Digitial Collection Reasearch Fellow. Denis earned his Bachelor of Theology degree from Berean Baptist Seminary in Brazil, his Master of Divinity at Shepherds Theological Seminary in North Carolina, and will soon receive his PhD in New Testament andContinue reading Welcome, Denis Salgado!

CSNTM From 2002 to 2022

On September 13th, CSNTM will celebrate its twentieth year. The number of stories bound up in the time between CSNTM’s beginning and today could fill a novel—an interesting one at that. For now, we will reflect on some of the key moments on the journey from 2002 to the present day. Make plans to joinContinue reading CSNTM From 2002 to 2022