Meet the 2023–24 CSNTM Interns

Each year CSNTM invites 3–5 graduate students to intern at the Center who demonstrate a strong proficiency in working with the New Testament and have proven to be excellent students. These promising individuals participate in a year of challenging and enriching activities under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel B. Wallace and the CSNTM research staff.Continue reading Meet the 2023–24 CSNTM Interns

Why the CSNTM Internship?

By: Andrew K. Bobo Textual criticism is a complicated field. New Testament manuscripts were written on three different materials, copied over the course of 15 centuries, and each scribe has unique handwriting. The sheer mass of materials is staggering, with over 5,300 Greek manuscripts scattered across 250 different institutions worldwide. The study of these manuscriptsContinue reading Why the CSNTM Internship?