New Manuscripts from the National Library of Greece

New manuscripts digitized by the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) have just been added to our searchable collection. These include 8 manuscripts from the National Library of Greece (NLG) in Athens, the site of our recently completed digitization project.

Manuscript and Magnifying Glass
  • GA 1414Fourteenth century minuscule of the Gospels.
  • GA 1417Tenth century minuscule of the Gospels. This is a particularly small ‘pocket’ version of the Gospels that is over 1,000 years old!
  • GA 1827Thirteenth century minuscule dated to 1295 of the Apostolos and Paul.
  • GA 2114Seventeenth century minuscule dated to 1676 of Revelation with commentary. This manuscript is written in Modern Greek.
  • GA Lect 428Twelfth century lectionary of the Gospels. Contains ornate headpieces with lapis lazuli and gold ink.
  • GA Lect 429Twelfth century lectionary of the Gospels.
  • GA Lect 449Twelfth century lectionary of the Gospels.
  • GA Lect 1374Twelfth century lectionary dated to 1181 of the Gospels.

These images have now become part of our growing searchable library, which gives everyone free access to the best available digital images of New Testament manuscripts.

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