New Manuscripts from the National Library of Greece

New manuscripts digitized by the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) have just been added to our searchable collection. These include 10 manuscripts from the National Library of Greece (NLG) in Athens, the site of our ongoing digitization project for 2015–16.

Icon of John
  • GA 07510th century majuscule of Paul with commentary. The text is in a petite majuscule hand, whereas the commentary is written in minuscule script. The manuscript has three segments of replacement leaves (62–66, 154–158, 367–370), which all come from the same secondary hand.
  • GA 182811th century minuscule of the Apostolos, Paul, and Revelation. This manuscript has some of the most extensive and comprehensive headings and hypotheses of any NT manuscript extant. It is also an important witness to the Euthalian apparatus.
  • GA Lect 42615th century lectionary of the Gospels, Apostolos, and Paul. The first half of this codex contains non-NT ecclesiastical texts, including material from Chrysostom.
  • GA Lect 43914th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos.
  • GA Lect 44514th century lectionary of the Gospels.
  • GA Lect 44614th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos.
  • GA Lect 150717th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos, with patristic and litrugical text interspersed throughout the manuscript.
  • GA Lect 150917th century lectionary of the Apostolos.
  • GA Lect 151117th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos.
  • GA Lect 151316th century lectionary of the Gospels and Apostolos.

In addition to the manuscripts from the NLG, we have also uploaded and tagged additional manuscripts from our archives.

These images have now become part of our growing searchable library, which gives everyone free access to the best available digital images of New Testament manuscripts.

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