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Welcome, Laura Bandy!

Laura Bandy joined the CSNTM team full-time as the Research Library Director earlier this fall. Though she now steps into a new role on the team, Laura has taken part in CSNTM work and events since 2016, when she interned at the Center.  As the Research Library Director, Laura manages CSNTM’s growing collection of physicalContinue reading Welcome, Laura Bandy!

The Three Laws, Part II

By: J.R. Watkins Introduction by: Leigh Ann Hyde In Part I of “The Three Laws,” J. R. Watkins describes a well-known variant in the text of 1 Thessalonians in the middle of verse 2:7. The evidence appears to favor one reading— νήπιοι (“babies” or “little children”)—over another found in manuscripts—ἤπιοι (“gentle”). Yet, many biblical scholarsContinue reading The Three Laws, Part II

The Three Laws, Part I

“The three laws are perfect.” Dr. Lanning   By: J. R. Watkins Will Smith’s character “Spooner” in the 2004 film I, Robot faces the enslavement of humanity by AI-driven robots. He asks the droids’ creator—Dr. Lanning—if the three laws which govern all robot behavior are somehow flawed. Lanning responds with the epigraph above. Two thoughts come toContinue reading The Three Laws, Part I

From The Library: GA 2936

By: Zachary Skarka, Guest Contributor Zachary Skarka is a doctoral student at the University of Birmingham and an adjunct professor at Southeastern University in Bradenton, FL. His doctoral thesis is “The Text and Transmission of Colossians” under Professor H.A.G. Houghton. Skarka worked as a graduate student intern at the Center for the Study of NewContinue reading From The Library: GA 2936

From The Library: GA 2097

By: Andrew J. Patton, Guest Contributor Andrew J. Patton is a doctoral candidate on the CATENA Project at ITSEE in the University of Birmingham, studying Greek catena manuscripts on the Gospels. Prior to studying at Birmingham, he worked for CSNTM as the Development Manager and on digitization expeditions. This From the Library blog features anContinue reading From The Library: GA 2097

June 2021 Digital Collection Additions

The CSNTM Digital Manuscript Collection grows each month as new digital images of Greek New Testament manuscripts—housed in institutions all over the world—are added to our website. We are always striving to make our manuscript collection more convenient, comprehensive, and accessible. Because of this, we sometimes provide access to manuscripts that others have digitized. In these cases, the Center is permitted to either include theseContinue reading June 2021 Digital Collection Additions

Farewell, Stephen Clardy!

It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to Stephen Clardy, our development coordinator for the past two and a half years. After faithfully working bi-vocationally as a minister at his church and co-laborer at CSNTM, he received an opportunity to serve in ministry full-time. Our team is thrilled that he now has theContinue reading Farewell, Stephen Clardy!