Once the Center's teams digitize a manuscript, the process of preserving their work for the future begins. The massive quantity of data requires an extensive system that is secure and in conformity with archival standards set by the National Archives and Records Administration and the National Archives of the United Kingdom


CSNTM digitizes in RAW and then converts every image to uncompressed 16-bit TIFF and JPEG formats. The collaborating institutions receive copies of their images in the formats that meet their needs. 


Dr. Wallace and his team displayed at all times the utmost care and respect for these irreplaceable texts and I can personally attest to their professionalism, the quality of their work, and their willingness to share all data with the host institution.

–Brendan Haug, PhD

University of Michigan



Expandable remote access servers allow CSNTM to continually add new images to its archive and maintain the database from anywhere in the world. This server is backed up with a RAID 6 protocol that rewrites all the data in multiple locations. The multiple location strategy provides a complete disaster recovery plan.

Multiple forms of media in multiple formats in multiple locations ensure that these manuscript images are preserved for generations to come

Digital Library

According to the copyright standards for each institution, the Center makes images available for viewing in its digital library