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Compare manuscripts side-by-side

Glossary of terms relevant to New Testament studies, textual criticism, and studies of Christian origin.

Online tool to assemble, link, and study fragments of Medieval manuscripts.

Select different options to see genealogical relationships of variants and manuscripts from the work that produced the Editio Critica Maior of the Catholic letters.

Multiple examples of datable Greek book hands.

English translation available online with notes on translation decisions.

Display any verse of the Greek New Testament along with variant readings of different texts.

Greek New Testament Editions


Published by INTF and edited by the German Bible Society (Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft)

 Published by the German Bible Society.

Published by Tyndale House, with primary editors Dirk Jongkind, and editorial committee Dr. Peter Head and Dr. Peter Williams.

A diplomatic text comparing several editions of the Greek New Testament edited for SBL by Mike Holmes

This edition reflects the Byzantine/Majority text form.

“The New Testament in Original Greek” published in 1881, edited by Westcott and Hort.



A journal of biblical textual criticism.

An international peer-reviewed periodical whose contributors include the leading New Testament scholars writing in the world today.

A leading international journal devoted to the study of the New Testament and related subjects.

An international journal for the exegesis of the New Testament. Appearing annually in two issues of 150 pages each, it features original contributions in German, English, and French which have been written by well-known scholars worldwide.

The only North American journal in the field of papyrology.

The flagship journal of the field, the Journal of Biblical Literature is published quarterly and includes scholarly articles and critical notes by members of the Society of Biblical Literature.




Blog by Brent Nongbri, author of God’s Library and Professor of History of Religions at MF School of Theology, Religion, and Society in Oslo.

Regular blogs by active New Testament text critics in which they share their research, interesting finds, helpful resources, and reviews of the latest happenings in the field.

A blog maintained and updated by the faculty of the Amsterdam Centre for New Testament Studies (ACNTS).


Institutions and Projects


A website devoted to the study of the Greek New Testament. Researchers can search through various categories to find information, available images, and tools for any manuscript on the K-Liste.

Research program at Birmingham University using electronic tools for research projects and the latest editions of the Greek New Testament

A program of Phoenix Seminary producing academic research and resources concerning the origins of the Bible.

Research center at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary devoted to the study of the text of the New Testament and the manuscripts.

Study of the fragments of Origen’s Hexapla, OT Scriptures in Greek and Hebrew.

Digitized manuscripts held at the Vatican.

Digitized Greek manuscripts held at the various monasteries of Mt. Athos, Greece.

Website dedicated to the study of GA 01 containing the text, tools, and digital images of the manuscript.

Manuscript database of pre-modern handwritten texts collected and cataloged by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.